AHL Read This: Admirals Calle Jarnkrok great start, St Patty’s Day Massacre, Ouellet & Sproul

Admirals Calle Jarnkrok

A look into the world of the American Hockey League outside of just the normal game re-caps. Islander remembers St. Patrick’s Day Massacre hockey game By Russ Hryvnak Over the last few years and to be honest, even before that, there has always been a debate inside the sport of hockey.  In an age where rules and ideas can be changed and implemented over the course of one season, the ongoing argument over the role of fighting in the game of hockey still rages on. People who are against it say that it is too violent, too extreme and dangerous to the health of the players.  It’s setting a bad example for the younger fans.  Many say we are supposed to be playing hockey, not … Continue reading